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ADA Organic Berries, pink gin
Pazo de Valdomiño, Galician pink gin
19.90 €
(-14.57%) 17.00 €
ADA Organic London Dry Gin
Pazo de Valdomiño, Galician gin
19.90 €
(-14.57%) 17.00 €
Rectoral del Monaguillo Mencía red wine
New red wine from Crego e Monaguillo, born from the rehabilitation project of a rectory in Verín.
12.25 €
(Sold in packs of 6)
Al pié del Cañón, Caíño, Ronsel do Sil
Galician red wine from Ribeira Sacra
32.00 €
EVOO Aubocassa, Roda, 50cl
Olive Oil from Roda
15.95 €
Herbs Liqueur Lúa
Anise, chamomile, anise, rosemary, mint, coriander, cinnamon, liquorice, orange blossom, cinnamon, etc.
14.90 €
(-6.04%) 14.00 €
Honey Melsacra de Bosque
Raw multifloral forest honey. From Ribeira Sacra mountains, Galicia, Spain.
12.00 €
Mágico Sierra Cantabria
Best red wine of La Rioja by Tim Akins, Mágico has obtained 9 points. 
450.00 €
Mar de Frades Godello Alántico
Godello from Rías Baixas
25.75 €
(-11.46%) 22.80 €
Melsacra Selecta Honey
Award Great Taste 2020, Londres. Galician raw honey from Ribeira Sacra 
20.00 €
Muiñeira Galeo, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Made from olives of the early harvest Cobransosa variety cultivated in the historical territory of Gallaecia.
13.00 €