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Olive Oil

EVOO L'Amo Aubocassa, Roda, 50cl
Olive Oil Extra Virgin de Roda
EVOO Moura Galeo,  Extra virgin olive oil
One of the most awarded Galician Olive Oil. Last year it received a Silver Medal at OLIVE JAPAN 2019, a Silver Medal at LIOOC 2019, a Bronze Medal at LIOOC 2019
14.20 €
Muiñeira Galeo, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Made from olives of the early harvest Cobransosa variety cultivated in the historical territory of Gallaecia.
13.00 €
Pack EVOO Galeo Manolo e Carmiña
Discover the Galician extra virgin olive oil from Olivar de Moura, with this pack of Manolo and Carmiña oils. 
25.00 €
Raíña Galeo, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Galician
Made with 100% Galician olives
12.50 €