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Olive Oil

EVOO Aubocassa, Roda, 50cl
Olive Oil from Roda
15.95 €
EVOO L'Amo Aubocassa, Roda, 50cl
Olive Oil Extra Virgin de Roda
14.50 €
EVOO Moura Galeo,  Extra virgin olive oil
One of the most awarded Galician Olive Oil. Last year it received a Silver Medal at OLIVE JAPAN 2019, a Silver Medal at LIOOC 2019, a Bronze Medal at LIOOC 2019
14.20 €
Muiñeira Galeo, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Made from olives of the early harvest Cobransosa variety cultivated in the historical territory of Gallaecia.
13.00 €
Pack EVOO Galeo Manolo e Carmiña
Discover the Galician extra virgin olive oil from Olivar de Moura, with this pack of Manolo and Carmiña oils. 
25.00 €