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Pack EVOO Galeo Manolo e Carmiña

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Discover the Galician extra virgin olive oil from Olivar de Moura, with this pack of Manolo and Carmiña oils

Galeo Carmiña olive oil is an oil with a very sweet and fluid entry, light bitter and spicy with a slight increase in spiciness over time. Great balance of nuances between nose and mouth. Ideal oil for palates more sensitive to the attributes of bitter and spicy.

The characteristics of the EVOO Carmiña are:

  • Medium fruity ripe fruit
  • Light notes of green grass and nuts
  • In the mouth the dried fruit increases
  • Hazelnut appears, accompanied by a slight astringency
On the other hand, Galeo Manolo olive oil is a complex oil, with a soft entry, light bitterness and medium spiciness. Great balance and freshness that make this oil an enjoyment for our senses.

The characteristics that distinguish the EVOO Galeo Manolo are:
  • Medium fruity green fruit
  • Green grass scent
  • Aromas of spices and nuts
  • Great volume and structure in the mouth

Take this opportunity to try the two fashionable olive oils in Galicia, each one to enjoy at a different time.

Each bottle is 500ml

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