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Suntory The Chita

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The Chita is the grain whisky from the Japanese Suntory Distillery. This grain whisky was first launched in 2015. This whisky, The Chita, is the evolution of Grain Suntory Chita, awarded at the World Whiskeys Adwards.

Suntory decided to create his first grain whisky in 1972, put this name in honor of the Japanese peninsula Chita. As other times, they sought the perfect maturation. The idea of ​​this whisky was to reflect the craftsmanship and Japanese nature, Keizo Saji for it, which was second Master Blender of Suntory, created on the coast of the Chita Peninsula distillery.

In the production of The Chita whisky corn grain is used and a continuous distillation process with multiple columns. Thus, they create the three different types of grain whiskey that will give rise to The Chita.

On the one hand, it produces a strong grain spirits distilled in two columns. Then a medium grain spirits distilled through three columns. Finally, the spirits softer, distilled through four columns. Some of these whiskeys are intended for the production of Suntory blends.

The Chita aged in three different types of oak: American bourbon barrels, oak Spaninsh wine barrels and oak European wine barrels. 

The Chita Japanese grain whiskey is subtle and floral, has an intense gold color and a very mild flavor. "A delicate combination with notes of cardamom, acacia honey and rose, bittersweet able to offer subtle notes of spicy oak."

Shinji Fukuyo, Suntory's fourth Chief Blender, describes The Chita as a great whiskey, rested and quiet. "The serenity of Japanese whiskey as misty and calm sea Chita Peninsula in a day of elegant stillness".

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